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Howard L. Adelman

Office: 312-435-1050
Direct: 312-692-2621
Cell: 312-636-7090
Fax: 312-435-1059
Howard Adelman formed the law firm of Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd. with Chad H. Gettleman in 1983. Since entering private practice in 1978, Howard has devoted his entire professional practice to the areas of commercial litigation, bankruptcy, insolv… Read More
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Tevin Bowens

Office: 312-435-1050
Direct: 312-469-3210
Fax: 312-435-1059
Tevin Bowens joined Adelman & Gettleman in September 2022 as a full-time associate after his two-year bankruptcy clerkship. Prior to joining the firm, Tevin completed a two-year clerkship at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern Dis… Read More
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Alexander F. Brougham

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 508-362-0621
Fax: 312-435-1059
Alexander Brougham joined Adelman & Gettleman in September 2012 and focuses his practice in business bankruptcy, reorganization, and commercial litigation. Alex is an active participant in both the transactional and litigation sides of business b… Read More
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Erich S. Buck

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 312-607-7531
Fax: 312-435-1059
Erich Buck is a partner and shareholder, where he represents corporate and individual debtors, creditors and other parties in all aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy, including workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors, asset sales and purc… Read More
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Steven B. Chaiken

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 773-531-3477
Fax: 312-435-1059
Steve Chaiken joined Adelman & Gettleman in January 2007 and became a partner in January 2013. Steve focuses his practice in assisting financially distressed companies and business owners resolving their financial issues. Whether through settleme… Read More
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Nicholas R. Dwayne

Office: 312-435-1050
Direct: 312-692-2628
Fax: 312-435-1059
Nick Dwayne first joined Adelman & Gettleman as a full-time associate in April 2017 after working with the firm as a contract attorney since 2014. His practice is focused on lending, bankruptcy, reorganization, and commercial litigation. Througho… Read More
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Chad H. Gettleman

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 312-965-3609
Fax: 312-435-1059
Chad Gettleman formed the law firm of Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd. with Howard L. Adelman in 1983. Chad remained a shareholder-principal of the firm until January 1, 2019, at which time he assumed his new role at the firm as Senior Counsel. Chad has… Read More
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Henry B. Merens

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 312-307-0419
Fax: 312-435-1059
Henry Merens began with Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd. in February 1985, as the first attorney to join the Firm after its founding. Throughout his tenure with A&G, Henry has concentrated in the areas of bankruptcy, real estate, civil litigation an… Read More
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Adam P. Silverman

Office: 312-435-1050
Cell: 312-622-0237
Fax: 312-435-1059
Driven by his passion to meld business with business law, Adam Silverman became an insolvency attorney to help companies and their owners solve financial problems and maintain going concern operations. Like all of the lawyers at A&G, Adam strives… Read More
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Sandra Rodela

Office: 312-435-1050
Direct: 312-692-2634
Fax: 312-435-1059
Sandra Rodela is a certified paralegal who assists the attorneys and staff with legal research, filing, preparing drafts of legal forms and documents, and file maintenance and organization. Sandra joined Adelman & Gettleman in 2013 as a messenger… Read More
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