Representations in Receiverships and State Court Litigation

  •  Challenged validity of guaranty of surviving spouse of individual borrower based upon lack of consideration to surviving spouse when no additional monies were advanced or definitive forbearance given when bank required surviving spouse to execute guaranty, ultimately resulting in favorable settlement.
  •  Represented the owner of a 12-building, 400-unit condominium development in a $12.5 million dollar loan restructuring with the FDIC following the lender's receivership.
  •  Successful in vacating judgments entered by confession against A&G's clients. Judgments entered by confession are very draconian in nature as the client typically becomes aware of the judgment only after his/her bank accounts become frozen. Armed with the knowledge and intricacies of what is required for the proper entry of a judgment by confession, A&G has been able to assist its clients in either vacating improper judgments by confession entered against them or otherwise reaching more favorable settlements for its clients while avoiding further litigation over the disputed judgments.