Representations in Chapter 7 Cases

  •  In re Hull House Association d/b/a Jane Addams Hull House Association; represented a significant not-for-profit organization in the transitioning of its operations to other service providers leading up to bankruptcy. A&G also represented debtor through the chapter 7 process, including filing of the case, educating the trustee and trustee's counsel regarding the status of the debtor's pre-filing program transition and post-filing issues, preparation of detailed schedules and statement of financial affairs, and preparation for and participation at the first meeting of creditors. Through the efforts of its financial consultants and its counsel, the debtor was able to transition its programs to other service providers and efficiently wind down its remaining operations.
  •  Real Estate Developer; represented real estate developer with ownership and management interests in over 40 single-asset commercial developments. A&G assisted the developer through an intensive discovery process and investigation by the chapter 7 trustee and various creditors. Ultimately the debtor obtained a discharge and purchased various former business interests from the estate.
  •  Insurance Executive; represented an insurance executive that had been hit with a $2 million judgment. A&G guided the debtor through a chapter 7 bankruptcy case where the firm helped him defeat a nondischargeability adversary proceeding brought by his judgment creditor, and then successfully negotiated a settlement with his chapter 7 trustee that enabled the debtor to retain all of his assets, and also releases for family members who had received prepetition transfers from the debtor.