Debtors-in-Possession and Trustees

  • In re Marbles Holdings, LLC, et al.: represented affiliated companies that were a nationally recognized developer, wholesaler, and specialty retailer of games, puzzles, books and software designed to strengthen and stimulate the brain. Over the course of seven months, A&G guided the debtors through a chapter 11 process involving the orderly liquidation of inventory at 37 retail locations and the attendant challenges by landlords, the sale of substantially all remaining assets to a strategic buyer, and confirmation of a joint plan of liquidation.
  • In re SGK Ventures LLC (f/k/a Keywell L.L.C.); represented a leading nationwide supplier of scrap metals, with pre-bankruptcy average annual sales of over $300 million, in its chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Facilitated a successful sale of substantially all the debtor's assets within approximately three months of filing bankruptcy, and an orderly liquidation process that will likely generate over 40% distributions to unsecured creditors.
  •  In re RWJ Management Co., Inc., et al.; represented affiliated companies that operated ten high-profile branded gas stations in their chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Enabled the debtors to continue operating during the pendency of major state-court litigation against their franchisor.
  •  In re Standard Forwarding Co., Inc.; represented chapter 11 debtor, a less-than-truckload trucking company with terminals in six states and approximately 500 employees, servicing the Midwest and Canada. Through a successful chapter 11 reorganizations process, the debtor ensured continued business operations through a going concern sale to an insider management group, paid all undisputed creditors in full and negotiated a favorable resolution with its unions and pension funds thereby shedding $70 million in pension fund liability arising from a multi-employer pension plan.
  • In re National Jockey Club, Inc.; represented chapter 11 debtor, a thoroughbred horse racing track and licensee, through a successful wind-down of its operations after one of its competitors purchased its secured debt. A&G negotiated a global settlement agreement with the debtor's secured creditor and the unsecured creditors committee that provided a recovery for general unsecured creditors despite existence of substantial under-secured debt. The chapter 11 case resulted in a liquidating plan of administration. A&G continued representation in this matter through the plan's estate representative and obtained payment in full of all undisputed, non-insider claims.
  •  In re AMAX Plating, Inc.; represented seven affiliated debtors in jointly administered chapter 11 cases. The debtors manufactured electronic connectors used in automobile, household electronics and appliances, and communication devices, operating at eight facilities in six different states and Mexico. A&G guided the debtors and worked with their secured lender and the unsecured creditors committee through a comprehensive sale process while operating to maintain the debtors' ongoing business concern value.
  •  In re LFL, Ltd. and V & M Associates, Corporation; represented owners of a 314-unit apartment complex in Blue Island, Illinois. A&G was able to assist the debtors in staving off imminent foreclosure of the apartment complex. In addition to advising the debtors through the chapter 11 process, A&G successfully negotiated a resolution with the debtors' primary secured creditors which involved the sale of substantially all of the debtors' assets through a section 363 sale and dismissal of the chapter 11 case.
  •  In re Morris Senior Living LLC, et al.; represented chapter 11 trustee appointed to take control of an assisted living facility after disputes had arisen between the debtor's owner and its secured lender. A&G assisted the trustee in successfully working with the debtor's secured lender to operate and then ultimately sell the debtor as a going concern following a court-approved auction sale process, all the while successfully defeating numerous objections and appeals filed by the debtor's original owners.
  •  In re Life Associates, Inc.; represented chapter 11 trustee appointed to take control of a third-party administrator for retirement plans after the debtor's owner was indicted for alleged criminal actions. A&G assisted the trustee in successfully dealing with numerous operational issues that existed at the time of the trustee's appointment, and then, after the business was stabilized, helped sell the debtor's business as a going concern following a court-approved auction sale process.